Haar & Woods, LLP advises and represents prominent lawyers and law firms, including many of the ten largest law firms in Missouri. These engagements involve situations where lawyers' professional judgments are challenged and their reputations are at risk. The firm handles these matters with the utmost care and discretion. The firm obtained judgment in favor of one of the nation's largest law firms, which established the leading precedent in Missouri on the requirements for  transactional malpractice. In addition to professional liability claims, the firm has represented lawyers and law firms in Bar inquiries, criminal and administrative investigations, contempt proceedings and malicious prosecution actions. The firm has also provided advice on the restructuring and dissolution of law firms.


The firm represents a leading medical school in defending its physicians in medical malpractice actions. It has also represented physicians in proceedings before the Missouri Board of Healing Arts.



    • Represented individual lawyers and law firms in defending claims of malpractice arising out of a broad range of legal services including:

      • The drafting of trusts, limited partnerships, and antenuptial agreements

      • The negotiation and interpretation of financing, distributorship, and other corporate agreements

      • Securities offerings

      • The prosecution or defense of defamation, personal injury, admiralty, breach of contract, bankruptcy, securities and product liability actions

      • Claims in international arbitrations

      • Trademark applications and associated searches

      • The negotiation of criminal plea agreements

      • Application for foreign national employment visas

    • Represented individual lawyers and law firms in defending breach of fiduciary duty claims arising from alleged conflicts of interest.

    • Represented law firms in seeking insurance coverage for malpractice claims and in resolving fee disputes

    • Represented lawyers in defense of claims arising out of their roles as trustees or members of corporate boards


    • Represented physicians in medical malpractice actions involving failure to diagnose cancer, failure to detect child abuse, sudden death after surgery, surgical errors, epidural steroid injection injuries, and pregnancy and childbirth injuries

    • Represented mental health professionals in litigation, including libel claims and lawsuits alleging that the professional had a duty to warn third parties of risks posed by patients